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Lurik’s own Nutri-Line offers you a
complete line of nutritional
supplements and vitamins.
We stand behind our products
and strive to maintain our unwavering reputation for
delivery of exceptional products, services and
dependability at a very competitive price.

At Nutri-Line in conjunction with our manufacturing
partner, we have established a reputation for reliable, on-
time deliveries, quality products, and efficient service. All of
Nutri-Line's products are equal to the world’s leading
brands in formulation, packaging and quality.

Suggested Products To Start

Lurik’s suggested products for initial distribution include
Centramin, Centramin Mature, Centramin
Sport, and Safari Children’s Multivitamins as outlined.
These four vitamin supplements provide you with
exceptional products at a very competitive price-point
offering versus other leading brands…compare:

Centramin with Centrum
Centramin Mature with Centrum Silver
Centramin Sport with Centrum Performance
Safari Children’s Multivitamins with Flintstones

Now you can offer your distribution customers a great
vitamin supplement that can greatly benefit their
customers at a much more affordable price.